GE Frame 6FA Standard and 6FA+e
UNEW is the world leader in producing alternative 6FA parts. Since 2004 we have refreshed the standard versions with upgrades and improvements to the +E configuration. Whether your machine remains in standard configuration, needs upgrading to +E or it’s time for an enhanced AGP, we still carry older part numbers and more different varieties than the OEM and all other companies combined.
GE 6B – 6541 thru 6581
Re-engineered in 2003, we have produced non OEM and other OEM 6B parts for longer than any aftermarket company. Not only more parts, but we still make available discontinued legacy parts for machines not upgraded to 2084F. This means you can request exactly the replacement part your turbine uses, or you can upgrade the hot gas path in modules that save you maintenance dollars as well as providing a better heat rate and more power output.

For more savings, our long term parts and service agreements provide you the replacement parts you need, when you need them, as well as giving you the option to enjoy the assurance of having emergency spares to cover unplanned maintenance.

GE Frame 9E 9161-9171
Certified and manufactured to the higher ISO9001 and AS17025 standards. UNEW replacement parts are guaranteed to be the highest quality drop-in replacements available anywhere. More part numbers to match your configuration exactly and certified to higher standards. UNEW or private label manufacturing for value added re-sellers.
GE Frame 7EA
Our heritage began with the 7EA in 1998. As pioneers of aftermarket parts, one of our founders had previously piloted the company that engineered the first alternate to OEM 7EA DLN combustion systems. We later developed the Buckets and Nozzles to complete the other OEM 7EA offering.

For many years we’ve provided upgraded versions of the 7EA to 60 Hz customers in the US and abroad. We can meet your needs for standard replacement parts or advanced aerodynamic flow path to reduce emissions and heat rate while increasing power output.

GE Frame 7F.0X AGP
On Unew’s development stage is the 7F.0X’s full re-design Advanced Gas Path. Starting with a latest technology design we put our international team of the world’s best gas turbine engineers to the task and they are now putting the finishing touches on an industry leading parts solution for LTSA’s and replacement parts. This is a new and clean AGP outside of all restrictions. Our innovative and practical aero and mechanical solutions advance the art of gas turbines and provide users the best of both worlds. Far from a replica, the AGP is unsurpassed in performance and durability.

Manufacturing is now being completed in a brand new world-class dedicated manufacturing facility. Contact us for tours and to receive newsletters on the progress and hardware availability dates.

Westinghouse W251 B9, B10, B11 and B12
We are the LEADERS IN NON-OEM W251 REPLACEMENT PARTS. Re-engineered over 14 years ago we are the only OEM alternative parts supplier for the W251 later models. Logging millions of hours on 5 continents our W251 parts are the proven and dependable alternative. We produce better than original supply of new parts as we apply continual improvements to the parts based on damage OEM parts exhibit in the field. Our engineers adeptly fix OEM problems and incorporate those fixes in our new parts. With more infusion of advanced IGT technologies into legacy products than anyone including the OEM we are the preferred parts supplier for plants who depend on their W251’s.


UNEW is fully staffed with OEM gas turbine engineering professionals in two locations, giving us the ability to offer our clients around the clock support to meet a variety of customers’ engineering and development needs on a near 24 hour basis.