Better Choice Than OEM Turbine Parts
At UNEW we strive to make our parts and service better than the competition. Better performance, longer lasting, more cost efficient and supported with faster service.

We bring to the market the finest IGT parts available today. Our Turbine parts are engineered to eliminate compromises and deliver maximum value by providing more durable, superior quality and higher performing replacement parts at very competitive levels.

The Highest Quality Parts At Every Level

UNEW, is a leader in producing alternative Combustion and Gas Turbine parts. Since 1999 we have refreshed the standard versions with upgrades and improvements to the hot gas path configurations. Whether your machine presently remains in standard configuration, needs upgrading or has reached a time for an enhanced AGP version, we can fulfill your requirements. And with UNEW you will be pleased to know that we also offer a huge selection of part numbers to match a variety of your gas turbine configuration needs. In addition, UNEW also offers private label manufacturing for value added re-sellers.

  • Capital Parts
  • Consumables
  • Parts Trade-in Program
  • Extended Warranties
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Our Technical Assistance Provides a Range of Operational or Management Support
UNEW understands the mission-based challenges that come with Power Generation program management, operational requirements, configuration upgrades and budgetary constraints. Our specialized support team is experienced in assisting with a variety of systems-level programs as well assisting with integration issues that often come with a high degree of technical difficulty. With UNEW you have a partner that supports you all the way. You receive a broad spectrum of strategic planning, technical assistance, and management support for a variety of operational needs. And unlike many other operational and management support programs in the industry, UNEW provides a complete end-to-end solution that eliminates technical problems, reduces down time, manages the process and has the ability to offer solutions to many complex programs for the Utility and Power Plant industry.
  • On Site Technical Field Assistants
  • Controls and Tuning
  • GT Configuration Upgrades
  • On-Line Monitoring
Our Field Service Support, Gives You The Luxury Of Having An Expert To Assist You At Your Locations
UNEW Field Service Technicians are highly trained professionals that have years of experience in performing field installation and maintenances that is required for your Turbine. Our technicians are responsible for the field operation, inspections, troubleshooting, repairs and on location training of a plant’s maintenance personnel.

With UNEW you also receive on-site support, installation, maintenance and repairs to a wide range of Utility and Power Plant systems. And not only can UNEW provide you with all the onsite support you need, our experienced staff serves as your site Partners. Our Field Service program can provide you with customized service programs a service technician or a complete operations and maintenance staff that are experts in Gas Path Turbine engines and more.

  • Borescope Inspections
  • Labor Onsite
  • Complete Turnkey GT Outages
  • Parts Repairs
Enjoy All Of The Benefits of UNEW While Maintaining Your Plant and Equipment on a Long Term Contract Basis
Over the years, UNEW has seen many changes in the industry, unfortunately many of the changes and technical requirements have dramatically increased the risks in the gas turbine environment. Because of these changes we thought it was time to offer you a better and more comprehensive solution. So we did. Our operations and maintenance agreements dramatically reduce the risks associated with owning and operating a Power Plant. Our Contractual Services offers creative, customized contractual maintenance and operational service contracts that gives owners a better way to reduce their risks, reduce their costs and gain a competitive advantage.

In addition, we also felt Power Plant owners needed more options to succeed, so we developed operational and maintenance contracts that provided more customization, greater flexibility, better pricing and most of all increased value, including performance guarantees.

  • On-Site Maintenance
  • Owner’s Agents
  • Outage Planning and Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • LTSA’s, LTPA’s, CSA’s
  • O&M Partnering
  • Fleet Maintenance Contracts
See Our Variety Of Turbine Parts