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T-Scan Hawk

Your Portable Solution For 3D Scanning And Easy Inspection
The new T-SCAN hawk is designed to capture data wherever it is needed. The lightweight compact hand-held solution supports you in production or on site, from reverse engineering to quality control it is made to be precise. It is travel-friendly to support you on the spot, assists you in confined spaces and difficult-to-reach areas. The portable 3D laser scanner includes impressive technical features such as photogrammetry of large objects, multiple laser sources and three scanning modes even for fine details or deep pockets – all to deliver 3D measurement data with the highest precision.

The new T-SCAN hawk with GOM Inspect Suite is the all-in-one solution that puts industrial precision in your hands. Take it to molding and production areas or wherever it is needed, upgrade your quality control from tool to final part or fully digitize any object to create a digital twin.

with GOM Inspect

GOM Scan 1

A Small Scanner For Precise Meshes And Big Ideas

A powerful 3D scanner the GOM Scan 1 features a compact shape and robust design filled with advanced technologies. From GOM’s Blue Light Technology to the stereo camera principle, this sensor is built to deliver 3D data with high precision.

Small, mobile and super easy to use. The lightweight solution allows you to capture 3D data intuitively. Easy to operate, GOM Scan 1 is the specialist for simple and fast measurements of small to medium-sized parts – even in confined spaces. the integrated software GOM Inspect helps you apply the mesh to any project you want: 3D printing, reverse engineering or part inspection. So, go ahead and start something big.

  • Fringe projection scanner
  • Three versions available: MV 100, MV 200, MV 400
  • Mobile, compact, weighing only 2.5 kg
  • Blue Light Technology
  • Stereo camera principle


The Reliable High Performer Of Industrial 3D Scanning
Designed for industry use ATOS Q delivers fully traceable measurement results even under harsh conditions. The optical and electronic systems of the robust scanner are dustproof and splashproof – making it ideally suited for taking a project from the measuring room to production. Packed with cutting-edge technology ATOS Q captures quality information fast and with a high degree of detail. From its Triple Scan Principle to its Blue Light Equalizer, it improves your product quality, with precise digital twins and detailed 3D data for comprehensive quality analysis.

Fast results, exceptional performance ATOS Q impresses with fast data processing. It enables high-speed fringe projection and delivers high-quality information in reduced measuring time. Industrial ports with fiber optic cables and robust plug-in connections allow for high data throughput.

The interchangeable lenses of ATOS Q ensure high-precision measurements of small to medium-sized parts. Changing from the smallest to the largest measuring volume is easy thanks to the fixed camera position.

ATOS Q captures quality information fast with a high degree of detail.


A Mobile Measuring Room For Intuitive 3D Data Capturing

The modular T-SCAN system is your fast way forward: Capture 3D data without any part preparation. Its perfectly matched components – the hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner, the optical tracking system T-TRACK and the touch probe T-POINT – form an intuitive and highly precise 3D metrology solution. In combination with the software GOM Inspect Suite, it reaches a new dimension in coordinate measuring technology. A mobile system with two options.

Combine a hand-held laser scanner and a touch probe with the optical tracking system of your choice: the established ZEISS T-TRACK 20 for large measuring volumes of up to 20 m³ or the new ZEISS T-TRACK 10 for a smaller measuring volume and higher accuracy.

Capture 3D data without any part preparation

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