OEM Turbine Parts that are better than the originals.


State-Of-The-Art Engineering that is superior in every way.


What makes UNEW different is not what we do, it is how we do it. We don’t do things differently than you expect, but we do them better than you expect.



At UNEW we employ the latest gas turbine military, aviation and IGT technologies. Gas turbine advancements form the backbone of the technologies used in our IGT applications for the past 25 years. Our commitment to working with the latest and most advanced technology has continued to enhance the performance of our gas turbine replacement parts and excel the many levels of our engineering services.

Our primary services focus on producing the highest quality replacement parts for electricity generating Power Plants such as utility companies, independent power producers and industrial users as well as providing specialized gas turbine engineering services for the Aerospace and Industrial gas turbine industries. Our services include; repair and installation of gas turbine replacement parts, complete gas turbine re-engineering and development as well as Inspection and quality assurances services for both the Aerospace and ground based gas turbine components manufacturing supply chains.