For more than 20 years, ETS Power Group has been a world leader in gas turbine replacement parts. We have representation in over 30 countries and have built a strong reputation by offering higher quality parts and superior engineering services. And we have listened to our customers and expanded our offerings to meet their expectations. Today, the industry is asking for even more, such as 360 support, more of the advanced F and H class engine parts, superior quality parts at lower prices and customized solutions to ensure companies meet their goals. We’ve developed and added more engine types to our portfolio, we’ve added more advanced gas turbine technical solutions and we’re expanding our technical assistance and repairs assurance programs. And we enhanced all of these advancements by changing our name to UNEW. A state of the art company that brings our industry customers everything they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Building on the excellence of ETS Power Group, UNEW, Inc. is the next chapter in full service premier gas turbine parts and engineering services.

UNEW offers a unique and highly advanced approach to the re-engineering, development and production of after-market gas turbine parts. We put a special emphasis on quality, eliminating compromises and on focusing on the customers’ needs. We also believe you have to be a strategic partner, a problem solver, a company that provides more than just great parts, a company that provides custom solutions. So we took today’s best technology, the smartest engineers and combined them with over 20 years of experience to create a new and more powerful set of analytical and parts solutions for the gas turbine industry.

We take a strategic and custom approach to meet the individual needs of today’s turbine companies and take the extra steps to earn their trust. We’re obsessively passionate about the work we do and helping our clients achieve their goals. To be the best we offer our best, not sometimes but every time a company turns to us.


Innovation is a word that is often used too loosely, but with us it’s different. It’s not a word we just use, it’s what we deliver. Our innovation is born out of a gas turbine engineering passion that was fostered throughout South Florida, the most advanced gas turbine development area in the United States and perhaps the world. Drawing from this spirit, our engineers have the vision to see things differently and the skills to put that vision into action. From a product development perspective, we innovate obsessively to include anything that can add greater value, better results and offer a new dimension to how gas turbine parts will be purchased in the future – from improving processes, launching new services to producing better parts in more efficient ways so companies can be more competitive in the gas turbine industry.


Our globalization includes over 30 countries and has brought unprecedented savings and benefits to many companies in the 50 and 60 hz gas turbine industry. With offices in the US and abroad, our global services create new forms of value by bridging talent, ideas and resources across boundaries – whether to create better quality products, improve the efficiency of a key process, access a new pool of resources, or deliver more cost effective solutions. We are technically and commercially seamless across international time zones every day and are still expanding.


For years, UNEW has been a part of many prestigious industry associations. These associations are primarily related to our quality certifications such as: ISO9001 certified for development of gas turbine parts, ISO17025 certified as “Laboratory Grade” certification for our inspection lab with full traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology laboratory.