Our Management Team doesn’t work for shareholders, they work for you.

As Independent Gas Turbine Parts and Service Providers for 20 years, we help you reduce maintenance expenses while increasing quality. UNEW was founded by experienced gas turbine executives with strict engineering and highly effective policies. Those guiding principles are behind every part we build and are with us in the field. Our focus is on your satisfaction and that’s the reason our customer satisfaction consistently rank first among our peers.

Our Management Team has substantial and relevant experience in the gas turbine industry. Our key personnel have held senior management positions at Pratt & Whitney, and our engineering personnel have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing gas turbine components. Furthermore, because we are owned by management, our interests are aligned with those of potential investors.

Mr. Dender founded ETS Power Group in June of 1999. He was instrumental in the evolution of ETS to its new name UNEW. Prior to ETS, Mr. Dender held several senior positions, with United Technologies in their Pratt & Whitney Engines Division and within Pratt & Whitney Technologies over a 15-year period. Mr. Dender began his career at Pratt & Whitney as a gas turbine hot section design engineer and followed with subsequent positions including systems engineer and program management. Mr. Dender is well known for his creative, solutions driven management approach to business. Over the years Dender has forged a unique and successful business relationships with many of the world’s leading Turbine companies. Mr. Dender holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee.
Chief Financial Officer
Before joining ETS Power Group (presently known as UNEW) as the CFO in 2001, Mr. Sonnenberg previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ACS Enterprises, a publicly traded telecommunications corporation. Mr. Sonnenberg’s vision guided the growth and operations at ACS Enterprises from its infancy through their subsequent private and public offerings and for over 8 years as a public company. Mr. Sonnenberg then championed the sale of ACS Enterprises to Bell Atlantic / Nynex and managed the combined, expanded capabilities. As a member of UNEW executive committee and shareholder, he was actively involved with the senior leadership team in growing, merging and launching the company’s subsidiaries. Alan hails from Pennsylvania State University.

UNEW Team Talks About Their Commitment To Excellence

Alan Sonnenberg


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Kurt Sonnenberg

Director Business Development

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Engineering Manager

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VP Of Engineering

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Data Analyst

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Senior NX Modeler

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Senior NX Modeler